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Digital Photography, Art Prints:  2x a month

“As an artist I use Black Cat Studio's services regularly as part of my process. Jay, Ian and Megan are professional and trustworthy and and provide expert yet friendly advice and guidance.
They never disappoint when it comes to the quality of the Giclees they print for me and the photographs they take of my work.
I highly recommend them if you are looking for excellent and professional service"


Digital Photography, Scanning, Art Prints: 2x a month

“I have worked with Black Cat Studio for many years. They have always been very professional, reliable and have gone out of their way to do the very best job they can do with my requests. I believe they do the best scanning and printing in Marin County. I highly recommend them. Cant go wrong with Black Cat Studio!"


Digital Photography, Art Prints:  Every 2 months

“We have been working with Jay at Black Cat Studio, on a regular basis, since about 1994 - for almost thirty years. In that time, Jay and Co have produced many digital photographs of art work, in early years many 4"x 5" slide images - all either for reproduction in catalogues or other publications, or as a basis for giclee prints.  We have always been satisfied with the studio's work - have always returned.  Black Cat Studio is a gem! Many thanks for all those years and all that art. Look forward to much more work together." 


Graphic Design:  2x a year

“WOW. I have had onlly one job with Black Cat Studio and it was extensive. Jay Daniel, owner, managed and created my cd cover design into format with great attention to detail and good taste. I have consistently felt their creativity, care and courtesy. Even upon completion, I have stopped by as a friend because the Black Cat Studio team always makes me feel welcome and ready to go!" 


Scanning, Art Prints:  Every 2-3 months

“I have used Black Cat Studio for scanning of my artwork to achieve high quality archival prints both on canvas and paper.  I have never been unhappy with their products or service.  Their prices are fair, their employees friendly and professional.  I highly recommend Clack Cat Studio!  Going on five years:)) " 


Digital Photography, Art Prints, Web Design:  Every 3-6months

“I have been using BLACK CAT STUDIO for years. My work is very hard to photograph.  It has lots of texture and dimensions and color. Jay takes the time and attention to each piece I have brought in. He has photographed over 25 peices for me through the years. The Art Prints are just beautiful, the colors scumptious and Jay manages to make them looks 3 dimensional. Megan designed  a very functional new website for me this past year. She listened to all my input , which was very important for me." 


Digital Photography, Web Management:  2x a month

“I have used Black Cat for 15 or more years. Jay and his crew are always friendly and professional.  I bet that Jay has photographed about 800 of my paintings.  They are just great" 



“I worked with Megan at black cat studios to print my wedding/ reception photos and the quality of work exceeded my expectations. Megan went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied and was very communicative during the process. This is where you go for high quality prints with the security that they will come out more than just amazing, they are trustworthy and understanding the importance of high end art. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone. " 


Digital Photography, Art Prints:  Every 3 months

“I've using BC services for many years and I'm grateful to have them as a resource in my business and my life! They are the EXPERTS I turn to for all my reproduction needs. The staff is welcoming, and always take the time to answer a multitude questions no matter how busy they are. They have an eye for detail and are also very willing to work on color tweaks with me. When I drop off original artwork I know it's in good hands and it's always finished on time. I've recently moved from the Bay Area and still continue to use them.  They've even sent proofs to me!" 


Graphic Design:  2x a year

“Excellent customer service and advice on
design. Printed copies of my artwork has been
very well done.  I have always come away from
a finished print project completely satisfied.  "


Art Prints:  New Client

“The best! at what they do, and amazing customer service. Dealt with Jay the most.

I was thrilled by the quality of two different "levels" of art prints they did for me...I wanted to know more! I was rushed and confused...they were patient and clear! They know how to empower beginners by showing  the actual settings needed so someone like me can get up to speed, to use them for a variety of original source files. thank you bcs!"


Digital Photography, Art Prints:  Every 3-6 months

“HI, I've been going to Black Cat Printing for around 20 years!  First to photograph my art and now mainly to make prints of my work. Jay and his team always are attentive and very professional.  Their prints are very high quality!
Jay also has helped me on many occasions to prepare/enhance my pieces for the best reproduction ever!  I strongly support Black Cat Printing and recommend there work! "

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