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Do you have a painting, photograph, piece of artwork, or antique that needs digital imaging?
Do you need images cropped or sized to a specific requirement for online submissions? 
Did you take wedding or event photos that need a person, object, or distraction removed to focus in on your moment?
Would you like to see it in B&W or a blurred filter? Is it slowly fading or losing its color?

Black Cat Studios specializes in imaging and retouching including:

  • restoring color, repair, sharpen and resizing your images without altering or affecting the originals

  • removing background noise, distractions, and overall make your digital art the way you imagine it 

  • preparing images for print and event submissions

  • retouch blemishes, skin and hair in portraits

  • background removal - removal spots or add a white background for clean prints

  • create vector art for screen printing

Photo Archive & Restoration Pricing:

Imaging: $35 minimum charge billed @ $140/hr.

File Delivery Options: Flash Drive ($15), attached to email ($5), download by ftp (Hightail, We Transfer, Dropbox $5) or onto your own Flash Drive (N/C).

File Retrieval/Formatting: Additional charges for special file sizing and formatting. Depending on the quantity of the project there will be an additional charge for file retrieval. $35 per 15 min.

We archive all files at no charge!

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