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Jeff Faust - Surrealism is Alive and Well

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Jeff Faust is a prolific painter often producing a painting a week, which he brings into Black Cat Studio to photograph at high resolution. We see him here often. His works are all rather large, often 5' tall, and his precise renderings of leaves, birds, and orbs, are often rendered floating in a dramatic sky or a turbulent sea. There is always an unspoken story revealing itself in his shapes and compositions. He is represented by galleries throughout the US located in Atlanta, Palm Desert, Santa Fe, Natchez, and Milwaukee.

"I tend to want to retreat to a simple view and I get strength in that. There’s nothing loud in them. Life is so loud these days. -Jeff Faust

Haiku with Soloist, 32 x 54

View more of Jeff's work here.


Black Cat Studio photographs all sizes of paintings and all art media. The image resolution can perfectly match the size of your piece or can be larger or smaller depending on the use. We are always available to consult with you by phone at 415-884-2330 or email.

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