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Gloria Matuszewski

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Gloria Matuszewski has lived and worked in the Bay Area for most of her life. She received a BA from UC Berkeley and a Secondary Teaching Credential from SF State University. Further education was in the Arts and Consciousness program at JFK University and Asian Art History Studies at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Gloria has won several awards, shown nationally, internationally, and her work is in several private and corporate collections. Currently she is represented by SFMOMA Artists Gallery and the Andra Norris Gallery in Burlingame, CA.

From the Artist:

"I seek to create fields of time and space on paper and canvas. Imagery has fallen away and what remains are works of no time and no identifiable space; they've become a sense of the place, the intrinsic nature of the season or the essence of the moment.

Each piece begins with the grid, drawn in a ritualistic manner. The squares are usually half-inch, drawn in pencil, and then filled in, one at a time, either in oil or in pencil. The work can take a long time; I like knowing what I have to do when I have had to stop and then return again. The grids have become anchors for me, and indeed the square as a shape is meant to symbolize solidity, security and stability. Architects, engineers, artists, and mathematicians in many cultures throughout history have used the square as a foundation, the building block of their geometry.

As the grid becomes filled in there is a chi or energy unique to the particular work with the developing layers. I like stepping aside and seeing where the painting or drawing leads me. They all begin similarly but vary from peaceful meditative pieces to works with text and patterns moving into a deeper space."

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