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Eric Von Berg

Eric is a prolific genre, landscape and portrait artist. His works are in the style of the masters of modern realism, depicting scenes of everyday life in city streets, restaurants, bars, beaches and places of work. Born and raised in Northern California, Eric’s works are inspired by the eclectic cultures of the San Francisco Bay Area and beauty of the California coast. He paints out of his studio at the ICB in Sausalito.

Vertical Landscape Series

Eric is excited by the creative opportunity the extreme vertical format affords. He explains “This is how we see the world, through a window of layers. In the foreground we may see a no-parking sign, then a bus, next a soaring bridge and finally we see hills or dusky skies.”  Each scene combines realism, landscape and bold graphic design. The original works are oil on board 12” by 48”.

These museum quality reproductions are on stretched canvas, each signed by the artist. They can be hung individually in a narrow space or displayed as a group to enliven a large room.

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