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Robert Adams, Sculptor: Four Paws and a Tale

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Robert Adams loves animals, so much so they are the focus of his sculpture. The personality and individuality of our beloved companions is celebrated in his multimedia constructions. He brings an art aesthetic to the home wood-shop craftsman quality of his constructions. A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, and a veteran of the home furnishings business, Robert creates house pets to pamper without feeding, walking, and maintenance.

Robert drops off his new work at Black Cat Studio to photograph before it goes to the gallery. We update his website with each new image, which we also maintain. His new work is always on display as soon as it is documented. Black Cat Studio also designs and has printed postcards of his works, which he uses to market the art. Visit his website to view more of his work. He is represented locally by Seager/Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, California.

Black Cat Studio works with hundreds of contemporary artists, historians, archivists, publishers, and families, photographing artwork into digital files. We then prepare and deliver those image files for optimal and accurate color and resolution to their specifications. These images can then be used for digital showcases like websites, online archiving and NFT’s, or more commonly for print projects like books and magazines, advertisements, posters, greeting and postcards, or limited edition reproductions.We are always available to consult with you by phone at 415-884-2330 or email.
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